your potential

With an agile approach, individually or collectively


Each individual, each team possesses resources that they may not even be aware of...

... that can be used to solve a problem or achieve a goal. FaciliCoach's mission is to help you discover and utilize them.

How does it work?

When you are supported by FaciliCoach, it always begins with an initial discussion, free and without obligation, to talk about your needs, validate the best approach, and above all, to get to know each other!

Once we reach an agreement, we commence the support mission according to the validated conditions (workshops, coaching, training, etc.).

At the end of each mission, a concluding session is organized to reflect on the process and identify potential improvements.

36 Number of individuals and teams I have supported.
110 Total number of coaching hours
xx% Skills assessment satisfaction rate
xx% Training satisfaction rate
Last update : february 2024

Whether you are an individual or a company, FaciliCoach has a support mode that matches your needs!

Individual Coaching

You need to take a step back professionally, make a decision or find a new sense of purpose?

Team coaching

you're a group or a team in need of help?

Scrum Agile

Looking for a pragmatic agile approach?


For training sessions focused on experimentation
About me

Coaching & Facilitation

I am a Coach, a Facilitator and a trainer, fluent in both French and English. I am also a globe-trotter, writer and volleyball player whenever time permits!
I enjoy meeting new people, teams, and organizations, collaborating with them to tailor the support they need to progress. Someone in HR once described me as having an all-terrain profile, but I’ll let you form your own opinion!
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Clients who have been supported by FaciliCoach have provided the following feedback:

Individual Coaching
Merci Laetitia, les séances de coaching ont été fructueuses et m’ont permis de prendre du recul, de faire un pas de côté dans une période tumultueuse et de réussir à tenir mes objectifs. Au delà de la méthode, j’ai beaucoup apprécié ton écoute sans jugement, ton énergie et ta capacité à t’adapter. Ton questionnement et les exercices que tu m’as proposé vont me servir pendant longtemps, ils m’ont permis de mieux comprendre et mieux appréhender les situations professionnelles et d’avancer en étant plus sereine.
Collective Coaching
I reached out to Laetitia when the collaboration in our team was restrained. Laetitia created and facilitated an interactive and inspiring meeting. An exercise around decision making which helped my team to create better connections and align on common objectives to be able to move forward on the project.
When you are the customer, we had to prepare a small presentation of ourselves, of our challenge, mainly linked to career path- where we needed some support, inspiration, guidance. Then the consultants asked a lot fo questions to better understand us, our situation our complexities. So that then they could support, comment, suggest, complemant as well :), and then as customer we must take some takeaway, some action plan some inputs that will be considered for the future. When you act as consultants, you have to listen actively, ask the good questions and really try to support and to guide with old experiences, with feedbacks..etc. It was a very nice exercise to do where we had enriching conversations. Thank you
Team coaching