1 minute To understand Scrum Agile

What is Scrum Agile ?

Scrum Agile is part of the big families of the Agile approaches aiming at improving deliverables quality in any kind of projects for any kind of companies. It is not only for IT departments or start-ups! It is based on the Agile manifesto which states that in a project we need to value more:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working solutions over comprehensive documentation
  • Customers collaboration over contract negotiations
  • Responding to change over following a plan
This new mindset aims before all at delivering high quality products to the clients, when creating a strong engagement in the project teams. Scrum agile relies on well-defined roles, rituals and artefacts. Indeed, adopting an agile approach does not mean doing anything, anytime and anyhow!

2 key steps to implement agility in your teams

Step 01
Preliminary call
Free and without obligation, the preliminary call will allow me to understand the needs and expectations related to Scrum Agile : which context, which roles…. It is an opportunity for me to share my vision of Agility. After the session, I will send a quote detailing my recommendations to meet the needs. If it is accepted, we sign a contract.
Step 02
As a Scrum Master or Agile Coach, and according to the agreed terms, I support your teams in the agile implementation.

Implementing Agile outside IT : It is possible!

Agility is an approach born in IT departments which were looking to improve their project success rate. Then, some terminology or ways of working might still sound a little bit IT oriented.

However, the starting point for Agility is the implementation of a mindset, of a culture which then will be supported by the right rituals and the right approach.

Keeping that in mind, since I’ve been Agile coach, I’ve supported:

  • Support function teams (marketing, HR, Strategy, finances) in the development of internal processes such as annual performance reviews, reporting cycles, strategic planning, new company culture deployment…
  • Sales team to define the best service to propose to their clients
  • Transformation team to move ways of working and client’s perception of the company

In all these examples, the priority was put on the understanding and use of the Agile mindset (delivering step by step, getting regular feedbacks, collaborate, building autonomous cross functional team…). It was an opportunity to appropriate the Agile culture and to apply it outside of the original project.


Find out more on their experience and feedbacks

Category Director

Europe Agile project 2022
Laetitia was key in familiarizing with agile ways of working and in coaching the team to stay focused and deliver one and many pieces of the puzzle simultaneously. Breaking bigger tasks into smaller bites to ensure feasibility. She supported strategic thinking and boosted creative thinking thanks to short team exercises especially in a few moments where the team felt stuck. Eg. Tree of decision Not only she kept the team on track, she supported a good team spirit where we understand how the team feels (weather checks) , when it’s a time to push vs when we may need to slow down (retrospective), where we need to regain energy vs where we can simply celebrate (evaluation of timeline and sprints). We experienced a continuous roller coaster of emotions and Laetitia’s empathic approach and capable situational leadership style helped move in the right direction. Eg. When it’s a team decision vs when it’s a must do action., making the team be accountable and in charge.

Innovation Lead Texturants & Mouthfeel

Mexico Agile Project 2022
Laetitia was the scrum master of a value battle joined for few months. She did an excellent job, keeping the team on track, energizing the team when it was needed and ensuring each team member felt accountable and was delivering against expectations. The quality of the work produced would not have been the same without her, she clearly made a difference!

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